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Aloevera - Amla Juice 1000ml

Aloevera - Amla Juice 1000ml
Aloevera - Amla Juice 1000ml

Aloevera - Amla  Juice  is  the  richest  source  of  Vitamins  C.  It  also  contains  calcium, phosphorus, iron, galic acid, carbohydrate, Protein and Minerals. It is a very good anti ageing plant. Vitamin C in one Amla equivalent to 20 oranges that means you get 20 oranges in one Amla.  It controls all three humours of  the body viz. phlegm. Bile and wind.

It  is useful in blood pressure, diabetes, cough and cold, constipation, osteoporosis, pre-mature greying of hair, eye sight and cardiac problem. It also useful in general weakness. Its regular use will create strong resistance power in the body. In Indian ancient studies saint Chavan Rishi had been recovered youth at the age of 80 years after taking Amla. It rejuvenate whole system of the body. It can be used pure or with honey. It is also used as a best hair conditioner. For this rub it gently for 5 to 10 minutes on sculp of hairs before 1 hour of bath.

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