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Adusa (Adhatoda Vasica) Juice 1000ml

Adusa (Adhatoda Vasica) Juice 1000ml
Adusa (Adhatoda Vasica) Juice 1000ml

Pure juice of Adusa (Adoosa)(Adhatoda Vasica) - 1000ml


A perennial under shrub with white inflorescence found growing wild in sub-Himalayan tract and other regions of the country. Leaves and other tender parts of the plant are utilised for various Ayurvedic preparations.


Ayurveda uses Vasa extensively in the treatment of cough and other respiratory ailments.  Liquid extract of the plant is used in many pharmaceutical formulations as an expectorant. Experimental investigations suggest that Adusadilates finer bronchioles and ensures a smooth expectoration. It was also observed to act as an antihistamine agent.


Adusa Panchang Juice                    - 99.8%
Permitted Preservative(Sodium Benzoate) - 0.2%


It is antigermicidal and blood purifier. It is extremely useful in cough, cold & fever. It can be spraied on fruit and vegetable to protect them from bacterial attack. It is also natural water purifier. It  can be used to repel mosquito and flies. Its steam is useful to stop asthmatic attack..

Ayurvedic Juices are pure in content. No water is added to the juices.

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