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Arjuna Amla Juice 1000ml

Arjuna Amla Juice 1000ml
Arjuna Amla Juice 1000ml

Pure juice of Arjuna Amla Juice-1000ml (Terminalia arjuna)


  • Effective for heart problems
  • Works as a cardiac tonic
  • Beneficial for blood pressure patients
  • Increases flow of oxygen
  • Improves metabolic parameters

Combination of Arjuna Chall and Amla Juice are very effective in controlling All Cardiac Problems. It not only helps to boost up Heart Activity but also maintains Resistance Energy. It is a rich source of Natural Calcium. Arjuna has been described as a well known Cardiac tonic in ancient Indian Scriptures.

Arjuna Chall Concenteration(Terminalia Arjuna) - 59.8%
Amla Juice(Phyllanthus Emblica) - 40.0%
Permitted Preservative(Sodium Benzoate) - 0.2%

Ayurvedic Juices are pure in content. No water is added to the juices.

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